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As  a native of San Jose, and product of East Side Union, I have a deep understanding of the challenges that students and families across our community face in today’s environment. As a teacher, principal, trustee, and mother, I have fought to ensure that  every child in our city is guaranteed access to a great education. I have made it my life’s mission that kids in San Jose are sent off into the world fully prepared to succeed in college and beyond. This is why I have decided to run for re-election for  the East Side Union High School District Board.


I’m running to ensure that your voice is at the table and that district decision makers are open and easily accessible, and that we offer opportunities for you and the greater community to give feedback on key decisions.


I am running to raise expectations, tear down walls, and open a new world of opportunity for students in East Side Union. If we do this, ALL of our kids will be able to pursue their dreams, have pride in where they come from, and blaze new trails of  innovation.


I’m running for every child that I’ve had the privilege to teach, and for every parent that has struggled and sacrificed in search of the American Dream. I’ve devoted my career to education and making sure future generations have greater opportunities than ours have had.


This begins with an assurance that our kids will be safe each day they enter our classrooms. I promise to fight to meet our students' needs in a fair and equitable way so that we can create school systems that support a positive and inclusive school climate.


In the last election we won overwhelmingly; I’m humbled when I think of the tremendous outpouring of support from supporters and volunteers from every corner of the district. But now the work begins again.

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